By Chloe Xuereb, Senior Graphic Designer, VenuesLive NSW

Presentations can feel universally overwhelming – no matter if you’re a student, employee or CEO. So what’s the key to stylish, informative, and all-round stellar presentation decks? Restraint.

Your audience wants to hear you. Clean, clear, and without distraction. Here are some handy tips on what to do (and what to leave in the 1990’s)!

#1: Template

We here in the Marketing team have created branded templates for you to build your amazing presentation. The templates outline which fonts you should use and where to place your imagery. It makes creating your first presentation easy-peasy!

#2: Colours


There’s no reason your professional presentation should look like the crowd at a Taylor Swift concert. Keep your palette in line with colours of the brand you are using. Incorporating every colour in the rainbow doesn’t make your presentation more exciting, it just becomes distracting. 

#3: Fonts


A simple, yet common mistake . . .  Font size. If you need to keep making the font smaller to fit your text, then you have too much copy. Size 20 font is ideal and 14 is the absolute minimum.

#4: Writing ‘War and Peace’.


Use slides as anchors for your speech. Show points, not paragraphs. The golden rule is to keep text to six lines or less. As the saying goes, less is more!

#5: Imagery

Fill your presentation with great imagery. Let the pictures help tell your story.

#6: Animations

There is almost never an appropriate time to use a transition slide. We’re no longer living in 1990! Nobody is going to think “I was really dazzled by that zoom transition effect between slide 7-8”. It’s distracting and passé. Trust me on this one.

So to recap:

  1. Use the branded templates provided.
  2. Add colour; not rainbows
  3. Write highlights; not manuscripts
  4. Go bold; not big
  5. Swing it past marketing for a once over (we are never too busy to help)
  6. Stay classy, always.