By Rebecca Barry, General Manager Organisational Development, VenuesLive

Outside of the fabulous events we’ve run on the field, July has been about giving and sharing in NSW. Our giving has centred around boxes and boxes of canned and long-life goods being donated by VenuesLive staff for food hampers for those in need across Western Sydney. Parramatta Mission will be the recipient of the generosity of the VL NSW team with our delivery going to the Mission early next week – so you still have a couple of days to drop off a donation if you haven’t yet!

On the sharing front, Team NSW got together in the festive spirit yesterday to celebrate Christmas in July. It was bring-a-plate-to-share day and bring a plate we did! There was enough food to feed a small nation or 50+ staffers that enjoyed some amazing homemade treats, some bought goodies and a load of fun and games. Thanks to Tiff Thynne for the AMAZING ham. Not just Christmassy, but also very delicious – and that sauce, WOW!

As part of the event, we had Connection Catalysts with us bringing play to the workplace. Teams formed to invent games and discover a bit about what they had in common. How’s this for a discovery? Mikey Clayton, Fiona Gulin, Katherine Betts, Sam Constance and Chris Silver were all in a randomly formed team and what did they discover they had in common? They’re all afraid of heights. Yep, that’s right, all afraid of heights. Engage in a bit of playful sharing and we discover a lot about each other.

Although everyone in the room was a winner, special mentions go to:

Best ‘Good Times’ Outfit – Amanda Carbery with her wearable beer-pong sweater

Flashiest on Ground – Wilma Gatley with flashing jumper and shoes

Best Team Effort – Jeremy Wilkinson and Julian Keith

Best Homemade Outfit – Corey Ingold-Dawes, who only just beat Tiff Thynne with her amazing dress

Best Dressed – Mikey “Where’s Christmas Wally” Clayton

Worst Dressed – David “The Turkey” Fletcher

The lucky door prize was scooped up by Chloe Xuereb.

Thank you to everyone that came, played and shared. Keep an eye out for news of our Halloween events across the country.