By Debra Grimes, Senior Project Manager, VenuesLive NSW

Have you noticed something different at Bankwest Stadium? Something small but significant? Rather than hard copy carpark passes, we are now distributing digital passes for use across the Western, Northern and Southern carparks!

Working in conjunction with EventHub – who developed the Corporate Portal to streamline catering orders for our corporate clients – we can now self-generate digital passes to distribute to event partners and staffing teams. In addition to cost savings of approximately $1,000 per month in printing costs alone, we are creating efficiencies for our Events Department to send carpark passes at the click of a button, rather than with the seal of (hundreds!) of envelopes. 

Currently our team is self-generating and downloading the passes to then email to our stakeholders via MS Outlook, though in the coming weeks we will be able to send passes directly from the EventHub portal. 

Digital passes are a strategic step to provide real-time data on arrival patterns at the venue; telling us which entry gate is used and how many passes are actually redeemed. 

Any questions on this initiative should be directed to Dan Farrar or Alannah Brady.