By Jordan Kerry, Business Development Manager, VenuesLive NSW

I recently had the privilege of being invited to join Cisco’s 9th annual US Study Tour in October/November, along with Mike Stephenson, General Manager Digitial & Technology at Optus Stadium. 

The US Study Tour was setup by Cisco’s Asia Pacific, Japan & China team to showcase the latest and greatest technology Cisco and venues have to offer. To give you a little background about Cisco (yes, they make more than just desk phones), they have an entire separate arm of the business that caters for the Sports and Entertainment sector, with a focus on arenas and stadiums. 

The Sports and Entertainment side of business was created through the development of a product called Stadium Vision (name Cisco Vision) which allows venue operators to push video and digital content (including targeted advertising) seamlessly throughout the venue. Not only have they developed Cisco Vision but they provide best in market high-density Wi-Fi, mobile video, 4k IPTV and more. 

They have deployed their technology in over 350+ venues across the world including all the venues we were lucky enough to visit in the US. Cisco have changed the game and have created a more connected experience for hundreds of millions of fans. 

Now to the fun part, our Study Tour consisted of a total of eight stops (as shown). Unfortunately due to the NBA and NFL draws we were on a plane every second day flying back and forth from the East and West Coast – but who’s complaining…

My biggest insights from the trip came from the two venues that are still being constructed. All other venues were very impressive and demonstrated how SoFi and Allegiant have taken everything to the next level. 

Here are a few key points on each venue:

SoFi Stadium, Los Angeles 

  • Build cost – $2.6 billion (with an extra $4 billion being spent on the precinct)
  • Capacity – 70,240 standard, expandable up to 100,000 (110,000 for the 2022 Superbowl) with 260 luxury suites and 13,000 premium seats
  • All suites have been sold out for a minimum price of $800,000 a year on a 20-year commitment
  • Under the same roof will be a 6000-seat indoor arena which is now called American Airlines Plaza
  • Over 2600 screens all powered by Cisco and running a complete Cisco converged network from start to finish
  • The stadium is privately funded/designed by the Los Angeles Rams Owner Stanley Kroenke
  • The new stadium will be home to Los Angeles Rams and Los Angeles Chargers
  • The entire planned complex will spread across 298 acre


Allegiant Stadium, Las Vegas

  • Build cost – $1.9 billion
  • Capacity – 65,000 that includes 130 premium suites and 6000 club seats
  • All suites are also sold out for a minimum price of $500,000 year on a 20-year commitment
  • Stadium has been funded by combination of privates and public funds. Hotel taxes will contribute $750 million and the remaining will be funded by the Las Vegas Raiders
  • Main features of the stadium include:
    • Retractable windows located at one end of the stadium which will showcase the Vegas skyline
    • Retractable roll out pitch
    • Large open plaza on Level 2 that will house a large torch with a flame
  • The Raiders have developed a dedicated stadium display centre to close to the stadium. The display centre showcases:
    • Life size display suite
    • 3D vertical rendering of the stadium so season ticket holders can get a view from their seats
    • 3D model of the stadium

The Study Tour was an amazing experience and provided a great insight to the current benchmark for arenas and stadium across the world.