By Jerry Thomas, UBS Project Manager, VenuesLive NSW

With the NSW UBS Project drawing to a close it’s time to reflect on how far we’ve come and celebrate the successful implementation of UBS v20 as the centralised event and venue management tool across the VenuesLive group.  In 2016, the journey started with the intention to build a scalable multi-venue UBS solution, with the latest version of Ungerboeck Software. The solution was designed using best practice methodology, commencing with the design, build and roll out of UBS v20 to Optus Stadium.

In WA, months of discovery, consultation, and training culminated in a system, fully configured and ready for the first event in March 2018. The Perth team quickly embraced the efficiencies the system provided and continue to go from strength to strength.

With the announcement of VenuesLive as the operator of Bankwest Stadium the project team quickly pivoted their focus to deliver the NSW implementation, taking the lessons from Optus Stadium and modifying for the NSW environment. Over the past 18-24 months, the UBS project team have been working closely with the NSW business to further enhance the design and customisation of the system. By listening to the business, the project team have managed to overcome a number of hurdles experienced in the aging ANZ Stadium v 19.5 environment, allowing teams to modernise and create efficiencies. By streamlining day-to-day processes and data entry standards across all VenuesLive venues we continue to work towards our “one team” goal. Responsibility for UBS v20 has now been transitioned from the UBS project team to the NSW business, and with that comes the task of ensuring the organisations investment is protected.

Key successes of the UBS project include:

  • all operational and financial components are accessible in one system allowing true visibility of all facets of our business
  • Streamlining and maintaining data integrity between multiple systems particularly in the Catering department
  • Integration with Event Hub allowing corporate customers to order their catering online
  • using UBS’s new functionality such as merge templates, onscreen reporting and dashboards.
  • The creation of the UBS User Guide, an online how-to guide for the business. This guide contains comprehensive step-by-step processes and instructions and forms the basis for all future onboarding and system training.

In both states, User groups with representation across the key stakeholder groups have been charged with ensuring the quality of data is both valued and well maintained. They will also strive towards improving the way we use the system through research of new modules and process refinement projects. Technology teams are working closely together to ensure continual enhancement and development is made to the benefit of the entire organisation.

The header of this article truly reflects one of the key advantages of an integrated event and venue management tool. Promoting this ethos and working with stakeholders to understand the contribution they make to the bigger picture, will also be in the hands of the UBS User Groups to ensure we continue to improve and gain efficiencies of operation.

Thank you to all contributors across both VenuesLive NSW and VenuesLive WA for what was truly a team effort.