Tim Brady, Senior Manager, Venue Operations, VenuesLive NSW
Amanda Carbery, Venue Operations Manager, Bankwest Stadium

Leading into this first-of-type concert there was an element of ‘unknown’ as to what was to come. Concerts require a completely integrated approach in the planning and the preparation – and not just from the Stadium team, from those who specialise in building stages, installing associated infrastructure, and all of the production equipment required to make the concert venture possible. All of the planning over previous weeks and months helped us to identify the risks and come up with the appropriate strategies to overcome those risks.

The stage build and production overlay presented its challenges with a lot of lessons learnt over the bump in and bump out period. There were approximately 150 site and production crew engaged which included stage builders, flooring installers, production riggers and operators for sound and lighting.

It was also very touching to see the fireys who have worked so hard to protect the community over many months getting recognised for their extraordinary efforts.  The impact of the fires has touched all of us, so the event’s recognition of the Rural Fire Service volunteers added extra motivation for us to ensure the concert is a huge success.

Zoe Sanders, Event Staffing Operations Manager, Optus Stadium

There was a crackle of anticipation and excitement bouncing around Bankwest Stadium in the lead up to the first EVER concert – the Cold Chisel Blood Moon Tour. Not only was it hugely important that the patrons socks were knocked off, and the venue showcased its ability to deliver a brilliant music event, but also that the thousands of volunteer fire fighters and other attendees affected by the recent NSW bushfires had a night to put aside their hardships and enjoy themselves.

Lucy, WA’s Event Staffing Systems Manager, and I had an introduction to the extremes of Sydney weather with a 43-degree day, massive dust storm and rain the morning of the event which made the day even more challenging for the team. Everything looked perfect as the 950 strong casual team started to arrive at the accreditation booth in a steady stream, all with uniforms pressed and smiles ready to ‘Make the Greatest Things Happen’!

The external gates were set, the beautiful shiny new venue was ready to welcome the 25,000 patrons that were due to arrive, when Sue Max and Shane Warman delivered their enthusiastic and detailed briefing to the Event Day leadership team. It was truly evident to Lucy and I at this point just how much work had gone into ensuring the night went as smoothly as possible and how much the team would band together and support each other should anything unexpected arise.

And then off they went – staff briefings in position and somehow it was already “10 minutes until gates open, 10 minutes until gates open”. No sooner than the staff have been deployed and the absences covered by the supremely organised SOS Team, patrons started to arrive with that ‘first time concert in a new venue’ wonderment on their faces and the night had begun!

Thank you to the NSW team for sharing such an immense night, being warm and welcoming and making time for us despite how busy you were – it was a night that many will never forget, including us!