Graham Mason, Head of Media, Communications & Government Relations, Optus Stadium

Second anniversaries are like… well, most people don’t really care. We all remember the first wedding anniversary, or first birthday of our children. Most of us celebrate a child’s first birthday like it’s our own 21st. We drink lots and we are generally happy that everyone has made it through alive. By the time the second one rolls around, it’s a case of, “here’s your present, look the Wiggles are on TV.” Maybe it was just my parenting skills!

So, Optus Stadium has turned two. Business as usual. But it is a big deal for all of us involved, especially those that have been here since the very first day – Open Day 21 January 2018 – and first event – Australia v England ODI on January 28.

There are 48 people at Optus Stadium who have been here for whole two years. Many have been here longer. Too many to name.

There are lots of stats involved with anniversaries. And they are impressive. At Optus Stadium we can proudly talk about, 2 million litres of Gage Roads beer poured, 450,000 Mrs Macs products sold, 3.7 million fans through the gate, 50 awards won, 125,000 MASE guests wowed, 5,300 casual staff employed and 85 per cent of product sourced from WA food and beverage suppliers.

They are great numbers and for everyone who has contributed in some small way, statistics we can be proud of.

But as Greg Sleigh our GM, Commercial once said, when we sign up to a career at Optus Stadium, we sign up our husbands, wives, children and friends to the organisation we work for. This job is more than just a Monday – Friday, 9am-5pm gig.

So, here’s to the other special anniversaries and memorable moments we as an Optus Stadium family have shared along the way.

In no particular order:


Jacy & Damien Chalcraft – baby Ezra

Kelsie Elliott & Max – baby Thea

Mike Stephenson & Katie – baby Axel

Alasdair Thompson & Hannah – baby Matthew (baby number three!!)

Robert Gorham (Safety Bob) & Abby – baby Rosie

Jarrod Demeza & Asten – baby Miles (one more on the way very soon!)

Michael Kent & Anita – baby Charlotte

Sam Burling & Christian – baby Burling not far away now!


Tyler & Mardi

Gemma & Curtis

Claire & James

Jourdan & Melissa


Jessica Godwin & David Berrie

Joey Italiano & Kayla

Ruth Perry & James

Bec Coxall & Andy

Michelle McBain & Russell