Craig O’Shaugnessy, Senior Manager, Catering, Specialty Venues, VenuesLive NSW

The V Awards committee and I are very proud to say that VenuesLive successfully launched the V Awards program across all of our New South Wales venues over the last 2 weeks.

The V Awards roadshow consisted of educating and inspiring our entire VenuesLive team to ‘catch people doing great things’ and we certainly did that with the amount of nominations we received.

We are currently compiling both our online and manual nominations and are really looking forward to awarding our first ever round of V Award winners!

We understand the times we are currently in are unprecedented and unique but we don’t want to stop celebrating our amazing achievements and efforts across our businesses. If there are any team mates and colleagues that you feel are worthy of a nomination please keep them coming!

Thank you for supporting the V Awards program and hopefully we will all be back at our amazing venues, catching our people doing great things soon enough.


VenuesLive Achieves First Accredited Venue Manager Certifications

Daryl Kerry, Chief Executive Officer, VenuesLive

As part of our industry engagement program, I am delighted to announce that Amanda Carbery, Paula Brodie and Rebecca Barry all recently achieved their Accredited Venue Manager (AVM) certification through the Venue Management Association.

The AVM certification is important to VenuesLive as it independently certifies our people as experts in Venue Management, which we most certainly are. Venues Operations Manager Amanda Carbery, said the certification process was beneficial on numerous levels.

“The AVM process encouraged me to remember and reflect on the amazing opportunities and learning experiences I have had throughout my career.

L-R Paula Brodie, Amanda Carbery and Rebecca Barry all recently achieved their Accredited Venue Manager (AVM) certification

“Receiving the news of successfully achieving my AVM was a really proud moment.”

You will soon notice the AVM post-nominals in Amanda, Paula and Becc’s signature blocks. This is the mark of the external certification and validation of their experience and expertise in our business and industry. I congratulate all three on this achievement.

The AVM process involves a quick self-audit, two referees supporting your application and the preparation of an assignment. None of these are overly onerous, as Paula can attest to.

“The AVM process is straightforward. It was a great way to round out the work I did at the VMA Leadership Institute in 2019,” she said.

I would encourage you to take a look at the audit document to assess whether you are eligible for the certification. If you aren’t, let’s talk about where you are short and we will work with you to address it.

I would love to see many more VenuesLive staff achieve the AVM. If you have any questions, please have a chat with Amanda, Paula or Becc to learn more about their AVM certification experience.