Melanie Todoroff, Senior Human Resources Coordinator, Optus Stadium

Happiness. Do we underestimate its importance? Our purpose partner Happiness Co might have a case to support this. More than 180 Organisations and teams have had a visit by Happiness Co, from 28 different types of industries and we were lucky enough to have them visit as part of VenuesThr!ve to spread the joy.

To prepare for the months ahead, our introduction to our Employee Happiness Program (EHP) started with the topic of Peak Performance and High Stress Environments (and smiley faced cupcakes for good measure).

The topic was perfect for an organisation like ours. One that is approaching a new project or facing an impending challenge as a group. We took a closer look at the science of happiness and conditioning for peak performance. We also discovered the difference between good and great emotion and how we influence our own current emotional state.

Ever flung your arms and legs out like a starfish or stood like Superman or Wonder Woman with feet apart and hands on hips? Well according to Happiness Co, we should! Especially before meetings. A “Power Pose” is found to increase our testosterone by 20% and decrease our cortisone by 25% making us feel more calm and confident.  Something easy and practical we can all do to help boost our personal power for any big presentation. Our New Zealand friends have been doing this for hundreds of years … just watch them do the Haka!

Many would agree that we are all more “happiness fit” than before the lesson, proving that a mind and emotional connection to the physical can help us become better workplace athletes!

With 6 Pillars within the EHP, we are all looking forward to what is to be presented over coming months as part of our VenuesThr!ve program as well as receiving the benefits of what a little more happiness can bring to us all 😊