Becc Barry, General Manager, Organisational Development, VenuesLive NSW

With all that’s going on around us there is no better time to be focusing on your health and wellness.

Flu Shots

COVID-19 didn’t stop over 100 VenuesLive staffers in NSW and WA turning out for their flu shots recently.

Practicing exemplary social distancing, the gang were in and out in a flash.

Working closely with our health services providers we were able to get in a little bit early this year and roll out the flu shots for our team, even with everything going on around us.



Wellness Tips

Here are some great pointers for ensuring wellness in the new world, thanks to health and fitness guru Tiff Hall:

  1. Aim to get enough sleep – if the anxiety of all of this is worrying you, take some magnesium to calm your mind and body and crack out the podcasts – Meditation Oasis is a beauty.
  2. Establish a routine (but don’t be too strict with yourself). Wake up at a reasonable time and either grab a cuppa or do some exercise. If you are working from home, you have more time to fit that in – so go for a walk, do some yoga or stretching.
  3. If you’re working – get showered and dressed – you don’t need to be in your office gear but getting out of your pj’s is a great start.
  4. Work your hours and take this opportunity to explore some new stuff. Ever wanted to learn a language or an instrument? It’s your time to shine. Get cracking.
  5. If having a ‘To Do’ list helps, write one. It doesn’t need to be just work stuff. Jot down whatever you need to get done, and feel that great sense of achievement when it gets a big tick next to it.
  6.  Take breaks, stretch, go outside and breathe.
  7.  Eat well and try not to ‘boredom snack’. Plan out your week and schedule in some new things you’d like to try. I’m no baker but I can feel the MixMaster calling me.
  8.  Call a friend (or me) for a video catch up. Check in on family and friends and be a little bit social.
  9. Most of all, know that this will pass.
  10. Be kind to each other know that the rules are there to protect us and stop hoarding toilet paper!!!

Our Employee Assistance Program is always available for you and can be contacted on 1300 307 912 if you feel like you could use a bit of extra support right now.