Becc Barry, General Manager, Organisational Development, VenuesLive NSW


In April we brought you some top reads. This month we bring you viewing recommendations from our extended family.

While I would recommend you jump in and binge watch The Crown or VEEP, our friends and family have shared the following recommendations with us.

Thank you to our young home-office pals for your contributions to May VenuesLive Viewing. We hope there’s something here that you can latch on to and enjoy.


Jeremy Wilkinson, Event Manager, Bankwest Stadium

What are you watching? Billions

Where can we find it? Stan

Why we should watch it? The show is similar to Suits which I enjoyed and has many twists and turns as you follow the two main characters, Axe and Chuck.

Axe (Bobby Axelrod) has come from nothing and worked his way up to become the CEO of Axe Capital which is a Hedge Fund company in New York. Chuck (Charles Rhoades Jr.) is the attorney of the Southern District of New York and responsible for enforcing federal law in the state. Chuck is pursuing Axe for insider trading but struggles to make the charges stick as they play a deceptive game of cat and mouse.

Throughout the seasons you find your support switching between the two characters as events unfold. Axe comes across as a generous and charitable man who partakes in dubious practices which he validates as the industry standard. Whereas Chuck, a clean public figure, is forced to cross ethical and moral boundaries in an attempt to put Axe behind bars. It doesn’t get too technical on the legal side, rather follows their journey, so I would definitely recommend you give it a go.


Ruth Perry, Executive Assistant, Optus Stadium

What are you watching? After Life

Where can we find it? Netflix

Why we should watch it? ‘High Impact Course Language’ is the viewers warning that appears at the start of each episode of After Life, directed and produced by British legend comedy Ricky Gervais. What it should read is ‘Highly Emotional Comedic Rollercoaster’! But it’s not wrong about the use of language, which is cleverly used to convey humour and dark despair throughout the series.

After Life follows Ricky’s character Tony, as he struggles to deal with life after his wife has died. The show is so expertly written, and there is a very clever subtle balance between the sad emotional elements and the hilarious, it draws you in as you don’t know which direction each scene will go. As a result, it made me tearful and laugh out loud at the same time, it covers a subject that has impacted me personally, but I think overall the show would resonate with a lot of people which has made it such a success.

Much like most of Ricky Gervais’ other work you will probably either love it or hate it, but I recommend giving the first season a go (the second season has just been released). Each season is only six episodes each thirty minutes, so I watched the whole second season in one evening. And if you don’t like it, the character of Brandy the dog and her relationship with Gervais will change your mind!


Julie Vuchich, ICT Helpdesk Coordinator, VenuesLive NSW

What are you watching? Chernobyl

Where can we watch it? Foxtel

Why we should watch it? Like many, I was very young when the catastrophic nuclear accident at Chernobyl happened. It was such a serious disaster, this series really helped me understand the magnitude of it and made for compelling viewing.



Gus Butterfield, aged 10, son of Paula Brodie, Project Manager, VenuesLive NSW  

What are you watching? Captain America: The First Avenger

Where can we watch it? Disney+

Why we should watch it? It’s a really suspenseful movie set in World War II, about a soldier who is given a super serum that makes him strong, fast and best of all can stop a helicopter from going off a building. Steve Rogers is Captain America, he used to be a skinny kid who wanted to serve his country but he was too small and no one would let him. Then he was given the super serum and became Captain America.


Jenna Ballard, aged 10, daughter of Jerome Ballard, Sales Manager, ANZ Stadium  

What are you watching? Zootopia

Where can we watch it? Netflix

Why we should watch it?  I like it because of the humour. It’s funny and makes me laugh! I recommend Zootopia for kids. Dad hasn’t seen it but Mum liked it too.





Grace Smith, aged 12 – daughter of Accounts Assistant, Carolyn Shaw, VenuesLive NSW  

What are you watching? Full/er House

Where can we watch it? Netflix

Why we should watch it? Because it’s amusing, makes you laugh and Fuller House has lots of mentions of iconic moments from Full House the original show, therefore adults will be able to laugh along too. My favourite character aside from Cosmo (the dog), would have to be either Ramona or Rocki. They both are great characters and you get to see their development. Both Mum and Dad have watched it with me, and they love it almost as much as I do. They thought it was very enjoyable and that it held a lot of nostalgia. It made dad love San Fran even more (when we went there, we saw the Full House! That was one of my favourite moments of the trip.)


Cameron Smith, aged 10, son of Accounts Assistant, Carolyn Shaw, VenuesLive NSW  

What are you watching? Steven Universe

Where can we watch it? Stan

Why we should watch it? It is funny and has a good storyline. My favourite character is Garnet because she is wise, quirky and nice and only loses her temper sometimes. Mum and Dad haven’t watched it, but they gave it the OK to watch because it’s G rated. Dad says that it’s got good animation, but he hasn’t seen a lot of it, so he can’t really comment.



Archie Loftus-Hills, aged 8, son of Chris Loftus-Hills, General Manager, Events & Operations, Optus Stadium

What are you watching? Griff’s Great Australian Rail Trips and Animals at the Zoo

Where can we watch it? ABC iView and the zookeeper talks are online via the zoo website

Why we should watch it? You get to see the amazing places in Australia and see lots of amazing animals. They are both fun and enjoyable to watch. Mum and I want to go on a train across Australia now!!!!!!!





Mack Menzies, aged 5, son of Craig Menzies, General Manager, Catering, Optus Stadium

What are you watching? Ryan’s World!

Where can we watch it? YouTube

Why we should watch it? They teach you how to brush your teeth and why plants eat meat. Mum and Dad don’t really watch it, but from what they have seen they think it is good.





Lachy MacKenzie, aged 21, son of Steve MacKenzie, Procurement Manager Catering, Optus Stadium

What are you watching? Community

Where can we watch it? Stan

Why we should watch it? It’s a funny and intelligent classic comedy series that is extremely easy viewing.





Fin Menzies, aged 9, son of Craig Menzies, General Manager, Catering, Optus Stadium

What are you watching? Preston – video gamer

Where can we watch it? YouTube

Why we should watch it? He’s the best vlogger I know, and gamer. Watching Preston would make someone else’s life better.