In this month’s edition of In Profile we sat down with the effervescent Catering Sales & Services Manager Jill Bright to discover her trick for dealing with difficult clients, what she’s getting up to during iso, and her secret talent on the strings.

Name: Jill Bright

Title: Catering Sales & Services Manager

Time at VenuesLive: 6 months

Favourite footy team (or sport?)

My favourite sport is soccer and I follow the Matildas (of course) and the Newcastle Jets. Footy team is Newcastle Knights which has been a bit rough, but this is our year!

Tell us about your role at VenuesLive?

My role sits within the Catering team, looking after the non-game day events from the sales enquiry through to service delivery.

Where did you work before joining us?

I have mostly worked in Hotels but right before joining VenuesLive I worked for a financial company as the Marketing Events Manager leading a team of Event Coordinators and developing the events program across Australia.

What’s the best part of your job?

The people. Hospitality brings the best people together. The high energy, motivated & passionate hospo workers were something I missed working in the Finance industry.

And the worst?

I don’t have a worst at the moment – maybe ask me in another 6 months haha.

What’s been your favourite event to oversee and why?

I enjoyed working the Prime Minister & Cabinet meeting held at Bankwest when the COVID-19 restrictions were announced. I have worked these events in hotels previously, but it was really interesting to see how this kind of event is run in a stadium venue.

Got any tips for dealing with demanding clients?

My favourite saying is ‘no is never the answer, but yes isn’t always the answer’, this paired with patience helps with the more ‘needy’ clients.

What’s your favourite way to unwind?

Exercise (running or boxing) and wine – I haven’t tried them together yet.

Tell us something new you’ve discovered or undertaken during isolation?

I’ve started cooking things from scratch, which I’ve never found the time to do before. With some inspo from Masterchef my proudest cook was Butter Chicken & Naan bread – all from scratch!

We’ve heard you play violin? When did you start and why? And what’s your favourite piece to play?

I started playing the violin when I was 7. I come from a family of musicians, my dad plays piano and guitar, and tried to get me to learn piano. Somehow I got the violin in my head and every year since I was 5 I asked for a violin for Christmas. Once my family gave in and bought me the violin it was all I did for many years. I moved across to Viola (Viola’s a little larger than violins, held the same but the music is written in alto not treble clef) as I got older, as Viola players were in high demand – it was more of a tactical move. My favourite piece to play… that is a hard one…  One piece that comes with a strong memory of touring Europe with a Youth Symphony Orchestra is called Powerhouse by Graeme Koehne, an Australian composer.

We’ve been stalking your Insta page and noticed you love to travel. What’s been your favourite place to visit and why?

I fell in love with Italy when I was there last year; the food, the views and the culture. I also loved Madeira in Portugal which is where my partner’s family grew up so it was really special getting the chance to drive around the small island.

Finally, what are your hopes for the MASE team over the next year?

It’s a really exciting time to be a part of the MASE team. Given the currently climate, there is so much uncertainty in what we can and can’t do, but I see a lot of opportunity for the MASE business to flourish as we are so flexible in what we can offer and we are able to control our environment and offer a safe place to meet within the stadium. We are in the middle of doing a big review of the whole MASE operation from sales through to service and I think we have the chance to develop our already amazing product and really stand out from the competition.