In May we brought you some TV to binge. Now that we’re out and about a bit more, this month we bring you some podcast and album recommendations from some of our team. To listen, simply download or get streaming.


Crystelle Cordero, Media & Communications Manager, ANZ Stadium

Podcast: Radiolab

Hosts: Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich

Why you should listen: Exploring everything from zombie cockroaches, the history of our butts, to Einstein’s stolen brain, listening to Radiolab each week feels like a wild ride into the unknown.

The podcast has a cult-like following and numerous awards under their belts, so you don’t just have to take my word for it!

Pop it on while you’re sanitizing the doorhandles or making your third Quarantini cocktail of the day and find yourself simultaneously educated and entertained.

Some of my favourite eps: The Punchline, 9-Volt Nirvana, CRISPR, Playing God, Patient Zero, Unravelling Bolero, Alpha Gal, New Baboons and The Curious Case of the Russian Flash Mob at the West Palm Beach Cheesecake Factory.


Jordan Robertson, Senior Staffing Operations & Services Coordinator, VenuesLive NSW

Podcast: The Guilty Feminist

Host: Deborah Frances-White

Why you should listen: To all the women, this podcast is for us!

If you’ve ever felt concerned about how to be you or struggled with the way you feel Deborah and her guests will set your hesitations at ease. This podcast is about women and how many amazing things we do!

Listen to the feminist movement and everything we can do now to make it happen. Deborah is an Aussie expat who now lives in the UK and there are an array of fantastic women from all over the world who share their views and advice.


Stacy Harmer, Venue Operations Coordinator, VenuesLive NSW

Podcast: Hamish and Andy Podcast

Hosts:  Hamish Blake and Andy Lee

Why you should listen: Anyone looking for a little light-hearted entertainment and plenty of laughs should tune in. Hamish and Andy question and test the smaller things in life, no pondering too small.



Jenni Mayor – Marketing and Communications Coordinator, Optus Stadium

Podcast: True Crime All The Time

Hosts: Mike & Gibby

Why you should listen: Jeffrey Dahmer. Zodiac Killer. The Manson Family.  If you’re a fan of true crime, couldn’t get past the Extremely Wicked Shockingly Evil and Vile actions of Ted Bundy on Netflix, or just want to find out what makes a serial killer tick, this is the podcast for you.

Mike and Gibby delve into a the lives and motivations of a new serial killer each week, and with a back catalogue of over 170 episodes you’ve got the next few months sorted! After listening to a few episodes you might just decide it’s a good thing you’re stuck inside…


Jessica Pereira, Key Account Executive – Catering, Optus Stadium

Artist: Pond

Album: Tasmania

Genre: Psychedelic Pop / Neo-psychedelia

Why you should listen: Tasmania makes a great soundtrack to a relaxing afternoon at home, or whilst taking an afternoon stroll through your neighbourhood…because where else is there to go?! This album was recorded in the Fremantle home studio of Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker who is a former band member, and also produced this album.

Stand-out Track: Track #1 holds a very special place in my heart as, only a couple of weeks ago, I was struggling to name my newly adopted kitten and had whittled the list down to two names – Delilah or Daisy. I decided she should choose, so firstly I played ‘Hey There Delilah’ by Plain White T’s to a very disinterested kitten. Next, I played the track ‘Daisy’ from this album…it immediately grabbed her attention and she proceeded over to my phone and nuzzled it! Daisy it was 😊

Give this album a listen if: You are a Tame Impala fan

Available on: Spotify, iTunes


Artist: Stella Donnelly

Album: Beware of the Dogs

Genre: Indie Pop / Indie Rock / Indie Folk

Why you should listen: Stella’s debut album is a very candid observation of the current world that we live in from the point of view of a feminist millennial. Yet another album recorded in Fremantle, if we weren’t in the middle of a pandemic I could absolutely see myself eating pizza and sipping a beer with friends at Little Creatures brewery, watching the ocean with this album playing in the background!

Stand-out Track: Track #6 ‘Boys Will Be Boys’ is my personal favourite. Confronting and brave, it is based on the real life experience of one of Stella’s friends and became the unofficial anthem of the #MeToo movement.

Give this album a listen if: You enjoy a delicate voice spitting sharp words.

Available on: Spotify, iTunes


Garth Wilson, Procurement & Logistics Manager, Optus Stadium

What I’m listening to: Classic rock that is reformatted into different minor/major keys, which provides a totally different take on the tune. For example, the Police’s most misunderstood song “Every breath you take” which people think is a love song, is actually about a stalker, and in the minor key the mood matches the lyrics:




Dorian Hughes, Operations Manager, Optus Stadium

Artist: Daft Punk

Album: Alive 2007 (live) [Delux Edition]

Genre: House

Why you should listen: Daft Punk regularly collaborates with artists like Pharrell and the Weeknd so if enjoy listening to some banging tracks during a workout or contract review give it crack.

Stand-out Track: Faster Better Faster Stronger, Robot Rock and One More Time.