Paula Brodie, Project Manager, VenuesLive NSW and Michelle McBain, General Manager People & Culture, Optus Stadium.

At the beginning of March when the cases of COVID-19 started to increase and public health measures came into force impacting the Event and Venue industry, we looked at how we could turn a problem into an opportunity.  And the obvious answer was to focus our time and energy into the key projects we all dream of getting to.

Both states started identifying their project wish list in earnest and planning how to implement projects. In WA work commenced in scoping projects, setting up a governance and project management framework whilst in NSW, it was all hands on deck for the Stadium Australia Redevelopment project… which has now turned into the biggest Stadium spring clean in history project (*not fact checked).

Behind the scenes of all this activity, we (Paula and Michelle) started comparing our projects lists to see how each team could assist the other.  It will come as no surprise that both lists looked similar in content.  It was therefore a no-brainer to combine our efforts and expertise where possible.

For projects that sit comfortably across the country, we then categorised as:

  • National Development Projects: where a project will be scoped and implemented by a project team comprised of subject matter experts from both states e.g. the implementation of a new payroll system
  • National Principle Alignment Projects: where the key principles of a project will be agreed nationally by subject matter experts and the implementation will be undertaken by a local team in each state or venue e.g. the management and use of customer data
  • National Consultation Projects: where a project will be implemented locally and subject matter experts in the other state will be consulted to share best practice e.g. IPTV optimisation

Along with a refresh of the Project Management Framework, we presented our national projects structure to Daryl, Steve and Mike (the National Projects Steering Committee) for endorsement.  Happily, they agreed.

Next steps include the briefing of project leads, confirming project timelines, developing business cases or project charters for approval and lots more.

Please reach out to either of us if you want to know more.