Stories from the VenuesLive Hotel Catering Operation

By Shantha Perera, Catering Manager, Sydney Olympic Park Venues and Hotel Quarantine Catering Lead 

Drug busts, nudie runs, fire alarms and high society . . . to say the VenuesLive Hotel Catering Operation has been full of excitement would be an understatement.

In just over three months we have distributed almost 115,000 meals to travellers undergoing quarantine and our staff have worked tirelessly to accommodate every request . . . including one guest who was allergic to chicken, but could supposedly eat the breast.

That’s about as far as “normal” activity went in the hotels.

One guest arrived – Louis Vuitton travel bags in hand – and refused to check in saying, “I only fly first class, stay in six star hotels and dine at Michelin Star Restaurants”. It’s fair to say the ADF made quick work of his protests.

Another guest, clearly trapped inside for too long, decided to go for a nudie run in the hotel corridors all for an Instagram video. Content rules.

Frustrated by the lock-up, one savvy guest set off the fire alarm by boiling a kettle right under the smoke alarm.

Even crime tried to wriggle its way inside the quarantine zone. But I was ready, stopping a man trying to smuggle illicit drugs to a friend who was quarantined. Police charged him, and I was made an honourary officer.

But working in strange times with even stranger people, our team has continued to deliver an exemplary service at the hotels – a testament to their work ethic and character.