Craig O’Shaughnessy, Head of Specialty Venues, VenuesLive NSW

From 1 October this year, VenuesLive will operate as the exclusive caterer at McDonald Jones Stadium in Newcastle.

McDonald Jones Stadium is home to the Newcastle Knights, the Newcastle Jets and now, a fully functioning catering team from our organisation.

With a team of five permanent staff on site, we’ll work hard over the next few months to embed the VenuesLive ethos and bring the Stadium into the Specialty Venues Portfolio.


Recruitment is well underway for the members of our permanent team. Having said that though, anyone keen on a migration north? Let’s chat.

The planning around our casual team is also underway. We’ve partnered with Hunter TAFE and the University of Newcastle to top up an already existing team. Although the COVID-19 situation has depleted their numbers a little, as is the case across most casual workforces at the moment.

The operation at McDonald Jones Stadium consists of:

  • 37 private suites
  • 12 OCRs
  • Flexible function spaces for up to 300 guests
  • 14 Retail food outlets
  • 10 Retail bars
  • And plenty of storage space for a change – a LUXURY in our world!