Paula Benmayor, Executive Assistant, VenuesLive

It wasn’t long after Bankwest Stadium opened that the naming rights for one of the premium corporate areas was sold to Mitsubishi – bringing the Triton Lounge to life.

The high-end licensed lounge needed to have look and feel that tied in with its profile in our Corporate offering, while continuing to be attractive to current and future sponsors.

It was decided that in order to improve the aesthetics and functionality of the Triton Lounge for guests, and to be presented as a space that adds value to the Mitsubishi partnership, a ‘makeover’ was required.

“The benefit of the upgrade is two-fold. When we opened, the Triton Lounge Holders signed on for a 2 year term. These are up for renewal at the end of 2021. The naming rights for the Lounge is up for renewal at the same time.  The upgrade raises the perceived value of the product for these renewals.” Shane Stoddard, General Manager, Commercial

Funded by the Bankwest Stadium Commonwealth Grant works, the aim was to create a fit-for-purpose lounge that incorporated elements of a high-end sports bar, premium lounge and brewery, with the ability to incorporate subtle touches of partnership branding throughout the styling.

We wanted to create a lounge area where clients and their guests were eager to arrive early on event day to soak up the atmosphere, enjoy a pre-event meal and drink with their guests, and to have the ability to watch any earlier events or sports on TV.

The design was focused on the ability to segment the room to have multiple functional areas – such as a lounge area, sit down table area for dining, stand up bar tables and a “sports-bar” area near the televisions.

The main bar was upgraded to include behind-bar styling, additional lighting and cladding and the upgrade of the alfresco back terrace so that it is better integrated into the lounge and becomes a destination in its own right.

Additional décor will soon be included to add character to the room and to create a more intimate space such as greenery, memorabilia and other styling products.

Thank you to everyone who helped this project come to life, and we can’t wait to welcome you all the Triton Lounge for staff drinks in the very near future!