Kelsie Bayly, People and Culture Business Partner, Optus Stadium

Happiness Co

On Wednesday 10 March, our charity partner Happiness Co visited our offices to re-start their workplace happiness program, which was postponed due to COVID-19 restrictions in WA.

Happiness Co see themselves as more than a standard charity partner, but rather a purpose partner with their purpose – as their name suggests – to bring happiness to people.

It is a social enterprise for all members of the community with an aim to increase happiness, help others find theirs and serve as a platform for people to share happiness through contribution.

We were lucky enough to have CEO and Founder Julian Pace and General Manager Robbie Figg talk to us about pre-emptive Mental Health and Happiness. Julian and Robbie with their relatable and everyday approach gave a presentation on encouraging action and recognising common signs of unhappiness. They also provided us with tools to identify emotional health and unhappiness challenges. The talk was engaging, enjoyable and interactive. We are looking forward to the next talk in the series coming up in May! You can find out more about the Happiness Co movement here: Happiness Co

Corporate Massages

Who doesn’t love a relaxing massage? A number of our team members were recently treated to a 15 minute seated massage to help improve circulation and most of all relax.

These massages form part of a popular series that we will be holding across the country throughout the year.