Terms & Conditions – Casual Employees

What is Refer & Earn?

VenuesLive recognises that our casual employees play an important role in introducing new talent to our company.

To recognise the important role you play, VenuesLive is launching an exciting new employee referral program called Refer & Earn.

Under the Refer & Earn program you will receive a referral bonus:

  • If an existing casual employee refers a family member or friend to VenuesLive; and
  • The existing casual employee’s family member or friend is successfully employed by VenuesLive; and
  • The existing casual employee’s family member or friend works three (3) shifts within their first three months of employment.

A $50 bonus is payable for all front of house roles (person must hold a valid NSW RSA certificate).*

A $250 bonus is payable for all Chefs (must hold trade qualifications in Commercial Cookery).*

* Review full terms and eligibility criteria apply (refer below)

Eligibility Criteria for Refer & Earn Bonus

Who can refer?

Whilst the majority of casual staff are eligible to participate in the Refer & Earn bonus scheme, any casual staff member who is involved in the recruitment, rostering and deployment of casual staff are ineligible.

Who can be referred under the Refer & Earn program?

Any person who is not currently known to VenuesLive can be referred.

Unfortunately, no Refer & Earn bonus is payable:

  • For any person who has previously been employed by VenuesLive;
  • For any person who has previously been referred to VenuesLive; or
  • For any person which VenuesLive already holds an employee record for.

Refer & Earn Criteria

The Refer & Earn bonus is available only for roles that are being advertised via the VenuesLive website at www.venueslive.com.au and meet the below criteria.

Only trade qualified Chefs and persons holding a current NSW recognised RSA competency card are eligible for the purpose of the Refer & Earn bonus.

How does Refer & Earn work?

  1. Have your applicant complete form on this page: www.venueslive.com.au/referral  
  2. Applicant must enter the first and last name and phone number (if known) of the existing casual staff member who referred them to VenuesLive.
  3. The referred applicant must be successfully employed by VenuesLive.
  4. The referred employee must then work a minimum of three (3) shifts within the first three (3) months of employment
  5. Once the above criteria are met, the employee who referred the person will receive the applicable bonus.

Payment of Refer & Earn Bonus

Referral bonus payments will be paid in the payroll period of the referred employee’s third completed shift.

Refer & Earn Program Duration

The Refer & Earn program will commence immediately and will cease on 16 September 2022.

VenuesLive will not accept any referrals under this Refer & Earn program after 16 September 2022 and the 3 shifts must be worked by the referred person by no later than 15 December 2022, for the Refer & Earn bonus to be payable.

Further Information

For further information please contact your Services and Staffing representative.

VenuesLive reserves the right to make changes to the Refer & Earn program as they deem necessary.