Our People & Culture teams have been working to improve our workplaces based on your feedback from the 2020 Staff Survey.

#1 Employee Survey Communications


You Said: We need to get better at communicating updates on the employee survey actions

We Did:

  • Daryl presented the survey results to more than 220 VenuesLive employees nationally
  • General Managers have communicated to their department’s about their individual results
  • Updates on various initiatives have been communicated to staff

 What’s Coming:              

  • Providing “You said, We did” updates (such as this) highlighting further actions made
  • Across the organisation provide further regular Employee Survey updates

#2 Employee Benefits


You Said: Benefits are important to you including workplace activities, perks, career development, work/life balance and recognition

We Did:  

  • We have started collecting more perks for you, making them accessible on the Intranet, newsletters and other communications
  • VenuesThrive calendar with staff activities around wellness, life skills, social and giving all year round!
  • We have increased the size of our permanent team, providing more career opportunities for our people
  • We have added additional dedicated permanent staff resources to drive these initiatives into the future

What’s Coming:   

  • More Perk alerts!
  • A VenuesThrive re-launch including reward and recognition and more – stay tuned!
  • Further training and development opportunities business wide
  • Various working groups across NSW and WA have been established to enhance the employee value proposition
  • More exciting activities on the VenuesThrive calendar

#3 Collaboration


You Said: You want to be kept well informed around the Company’s plans and progress

We Did:

  • One VenuesLive Monthly Newsletter with updates from Daryl and around the business
  • The new VenuesLive branding was released to all staff in May
  • New organisational structure and business processes implemented in both NSW and WA to improve collaboration and business performance

What’s Coming:   

  • Establishing additional work groups to explore opportunities to improve collaboration and the sharing of information across the business
  • Creating opportunities for staff to work at other VenuesLive workplaces both locally and nationally
  • Harmonising our Corporate Policies nationally to provide consistent conditions of employment for all permanent staff

By Jill Bright, People & Culture Business Partner, VenuesLive NSW

As part of our employee benefits offering we are working hard on getting a bunch of Work Perks available to all staff, including discounted meal delivery services.

We know how important real reviews are for a product when spending our hard-earned money, so where we can we will be trialling the perks in house and providing feedback from staff. We will be organising some samples of both the MACROS & Soulara meals for some of the team to test once we are back in the office.

If you haven’t heard of Soulara before here is the run down:

Soulara will bring you a week’s worth of plant-based meals, created by nutritionist and chefs full of superfoods, local produce, plant protein and natural flavours. With a range of menu items that are changing each week. They also offer bliss balls, kombucha and cold-pressed juice packs, Soulara offers something plant-based for every taste, lifestyle and dietary requirement.

And all of that is great… but the big question is: Do the meals taste any good? For now, we have a five-star review from Paula Brodie who has sampled Soulara before.


Here’s what she had to say:

“I’ve chosen a whole range of meals from Soulara over the last few months, but my absolute favourite is the Ayurvedic Green Curry Noodles, nice and spicy but not too spicy. I also love the Tomato Soup for the Soul which has become a regular work lunch for me. Ordering 7 meals for a week covers my lunches and a couple of dinners for when fitting dinner in with all the family logistics becomes difficult and my kids love the Choc Chip Cookie Dough Bites.”

So did the Soulara Meals Survive The Try?

“I have tried a number of ready meals on the market and Soulara is definitely my favourite.”

That sounds like a big yes to me!!!

If you’re finding yourself reaching for the chocolate or 2-minute noodles whilst bingeing Netflix, or you just want to try something different, do yourself a favour & give Soulara a go.

Don’t forget to activate your discount & receive 10% off using the code VENUESLIVE10.


Jill Bright, People & Culture Business Partner, VenuesLive NSW

With Greater Sydney staying at home for the next week at least, regional NSW watching on carefully, and Perth recently freed from a snap lockdown, we thought it the ideal time to share a few activities and ideas to brighten your day and keep the boredom at bay!


For a recipe that is sweet and super easy to make, try making these baci di dama biscuits that combine a hazelnut flavour with chocolatey goodness in the centre.


CBHS Corporate have shared some of their great health & wellness sessions with us, so why not take advantage!

  • Stretch & Mobility sessions – A great way to break up your day while working from home and keep your body moving
  • Guided Meditation – Mediation is proven to reduce stress, increase self-awareness, bring you to the present & reduce negative emotions


  • Yoga for kids – A 15 minute yoga class designed for little yogis!
  • House Play – House play is a series for kids and families run by the Sydney Opera house outlining the process of bringing a play to life
  • DIY Rainclouds – A fun activity whilst encouraging children to explore science, colours & learning!
  • Science through discovery – getting messy and learning
  • And a whole lot more can be found here.




I hope everyone has some positivity in each day.  If you need any support or want a chat, please reach out.

Remember that all VenuesLive employees have access to the Employee Assistance Program. This is a free, confidential, professional counselling provider available to ALL employees. Call 1300 307 912 to book an appointment. Appointments can be over the phone or via skype.

In this month’s edition of In Profile, we sat down with VenuesLive WA Partnerships Executive Tyler Hutchinson, who has been with the team since before the Stadium opened. Passionate about sports, fundraising and his front lawn, he’s got a wealth of knowledge about Optus Stadium, and some great stories to boot.

Name: Tyler Hutchinson

Title: Partnerships Executive

Can you tell us a bit about your role?

Optus Stadium is fortunate to have a large portfolio of highly engaged Stadium Partners who contribute approximately $9 million each year. My role is to manage our sponsorship portfolio and deliver results aligned to the partners sponsorship strategy and business objectives. I work closely with the wider business to ensure the partner benefits and entitlements are achieved. My role also sees me working on a variety of sponsorship proposals and pitches to prospective stadium and event sponsors.

Tell us about some of your work before joining VenuesLive?

Before joining VenuesLive, I was the Event Operations Coordinator at Domain Stadium (Subiaco Oval) with the WA Football Commission for around 5 years. Prior to Domain Stadium I was the Operations Coordinator at nib Stadium working alongside Perth Glory, Western Force and a heap of concerts.

I have also worked in a few local governments throughout Perth giving back to the respected rate payers through a variety of community events!

You’ve had a few roles at Venues Live, can you tell us how you moved to the Commercial Team and what interested you in Partnerships?

I joined VenuesLive in 2017 as the Event Coordinator working with Bec Purcell (Head of Events). In April 2020 Greg Sleigh (General Manager of Commercial) sold the role to me as long lunches, coffee catch ups and the occasional meeting. I assumed I’d get a new Audi and Optus would hook me up with the latest iPhone….What a stitch up!

In all seriousness, I had worked in events for nearly 10 years and was ready for a change. I had always had a keen interest in the commercial operations of venues/events and really enjoy the relationship management when working with sporting codes and stadium hirers. The high profile stadium partner portfolio interested me and I’ve never looked back.

What’s it been like to watch Optus Stadium grow from a sandpit to the World’s Most Beautiful Stadium?

I was fortunate to tour the site with the WA Football Commission following the State Government project announcement. I remember standing outside the project site office (now Camfield Beer Garden) looking at a pile of sand and clay. The tour guide pointing out the centre circle which was marked with a road cone and I recall the ring road being marked with truck tyre tracks. A very cool experience and one I will remember forever.

A highlight of the construction period was touring the facilities with Gemma Jack each afternoon with a wad of CAD maps…We occasionally got lost or stuck in a stairwell and had no idea where we were. I remember the day we stumbled across the VenuesLive office and thought it was huge.

What has been your favourite event so far?

The Manchester United Tour is my most memorable experience at Optus Stadium. Months of intense planning, skype meetings, outrageous requests and working with different time zones all led to 10 days of the best July weather Perth has experienced.

The 2018 Preliminary Final between West Coast Eagles and Melbourne was also a special event. So much hard work went into the first AFL Season so it was nice to wrap up the year with a big win (and trip to Melbourne for the Grand Final).

Do you have any funny stories that you can share from your time at Optus Stadium?

Plenty…. Donate to my MACA Cancer Ride fundraising page and I’ll tell you one.

Tell us about that! What is it and why did you want to get involved?

The MACA Cancer 200 – Ride for Research is back in 2021 for its 10th year! The annual ride commences in our very own Stadium Park where over 2000 riders will line up to take on the personal challenge of riding 200km in two days to fight cancer and support medical research.

All participants are required to fundraise a minimum of $2,500 for The Perkins Cancer Research. I’m riding in 2021 to support our partner MACA but also to make a difference and raise much needed money for cancer research. No other ride is more community-focused, heartfelt or inspirational than MACA Cancer 200.

Tell us something about yourself that we wouldn’t already know?

My chances of being drafted to West Coast were cut short when I broke both bones in my leg during the Under 15’s preliminary final in Pemberton.

What do you do to relax?

I listen to SEN and the occasional podcast while walking the dog. I enjoy the Wilosophy Series, Aunty Donna and many others.

I also enjoy mowing, watering and caring for my turf followed by a cold Gage Roads beer!

What are some of your interests outside of work?

I enjoy nice meals with my wife at one of Crown Perth’s restaurants, assisting with the occasional rebound in our social basketball team, having a punt on the footy and riding with mates while training for the 2021 MACA Cancer Ride.




Claire Krol, Head of Media, Communications & Government Relations, Optus Stadium

VenuesLive WA Content Producer Ryan Miller recently scored a front-page coup of The West Australian newspaper, delivering one of the best AFL pics of the year.

During the West Coast Eagles v Richmond game at Optus Stadium, Ryan made his way down to ground level to get a few photos for the stadium’s social channels.

He managed to be the only photographer behind the goals when West Coast’s Josh Kennedy scored a goal in the dying minutes of the game, snapping an incredible pic.

At the time he had no idea what it was going to become.

“I thought it was a pretty good photo, but never in my wildest dreams would I have thought it would blow up like it did.

“Immediately after taking it I knew I had something but was just so panicked that it wasn’t in focus!” Ryan said.

So far his image has amassed more than 4000 likes, 130 shares, and hundreds of comments on the Optus Stadium Facebook page. Instagram and Twitter also blew up, with more than 2500 likes, dozens of comments and retweets.

The image made it to the front and back page of The West Australian the following day, an achievement not many can claim.

“Seeing it on the front page was surreal. When I was at university I wanted to get a front page as a journalist so I never thought I’d get one as a photographer. I’d not picked up a camera until mid-2016 so it was nice to see how far I’ve come as a photographer; it was incredibly satisfying,” Ryan said.

To top it all off, Ryan’s colleagues recently presented him with a copy of the image signed by Josh Kennedy.  Now hanging on his wall at home, Ryan says it’s a prized possession: “I’m really grateful to my colleagues for organising that. It’s a shame it’s a shot of a West Coast player (I’m a GWS fan and grew up in a Fremantle fanatic household) but it’s fit in pretty well alongside some of my other sport and travel photos.”

Lucy Bowes, People & Culture Systems Manager and Georgia Manning, Training Manager

Thanks to Optus Stadium’s new onboarding system, GONE are the days of endless paper forms, chasing incomplete information, hours of data entry, scanning for what felt like weeks, individually checking training results, and paper, paper and more paper!

One of the first touchpoints of a new employee’s experience with a company is via their onboarding process. February saw the launch of a new onboarding system for the Optus Stadium casual team, with over 600 new employees navigating their way through this exciting new online system (queue the trees clapping 😉).

Lucy Bowes, People & Culture Systems Manager and Regan Shepherd, Digital Manager, together with their teams, worked tirelessly to ensure the new system was up and running for our February recruitment and their efforts were certainly appreciated by our new employees.

The project objectives were to:

  • Deliver a paperless solution
  • Improve user experience
  • Streamline management process
  • Improve data management across our various people systems

Highlights of the Onboarding Portal:

  • Easy to use web employment form for candidates
  • Candidates can upload their qualifications to the form
  • Form has prompts and validations – no more missing information to follow up!
  • Portal integrates with Rapid Global, automating training profiles
  • Online management tracker with real-time status updates as candidates progress through both web form and online inductions
  • Online document viewing to verify candidate information
  • Data exports from Portal, formatted for upload to Time Target and Ascender – YES! One data source, no more data entry, no more audits to match data across multiple systems!

94% of those who experienced the system said the online onboarding was easy to navigate, and commented that “it was simple and effective, easy to do”. One new employee stated it was “one of the best onboarding processes I’ve seen.”

The Portal could not have come to life without the design & development talents of Regan Shepherd, Digital Manager. As ICT lead on this project, Regan converted our concept and wish list into reality.  Assisting Regan with development of the onboarding solution were Curtis Nuich and Travis Beesley.

In addition to the work of our ICT team, I want to acknowledge key contributors to the project from the P&C Team – Fletcher Ruthven, Campbell Ruthven and Angus Druce. Their input to functionality requirements and exhaustive testing of the new portal were invaluable. We also asked 100 of our casual team members to “onboard” via the portal. Thanks to the feedback of this team, ICT were able to iron out any bugs before going live with new recruits.

The Onboarding Portal is a significant step towards our goal of integrated people systems. What’s also exciting is the project provided a blueprint for further automation of our employee lifecycle management processes. The project also demonstrates the in-house capability and sheer talent amongst our VenuesLive team to potentially design our own people management