Lucy Bowes, People & Culture Systems Manager and Georgia Manning, Training Manager

Thanks to Optus Stadium’s new onboarding system, GONE are the days of endless paper forms, chasing incomplete information, hours of data entry, scanning for what felt like weeks, individually checking training results, and paper, paper and more paper!

One of the first touchpoints of a new employee’s experience with a company is via their onboarding process. February saw the launch of a new onboarding system for the Optus Stadium casual team, with over 600 new employees navigating their way through this exciting new online system (queue the trees clapping 😉).

Lucy Bowes, People & Culture Systems Manager and Regan Shepherd, Digital Manager, together with their teams, worked tirelessly to ensure the new system was up and running for our February recruitment and their efforts were certainly appreciated by our new employees.

The project objectives were to:

  • Deliver a paperless solution
  • Improve user experience
  • Streamline management process
  • Improve data management across our various people systems

Highlights of the Onboarding Portal:

  • Easy to use web employment form for candidates
  • Candidates can upload their qualifications to the form
  • Form has prompts and validations – no more missing information to follow up!
  • Portal integrates with Rapid Global, automating training profiles
  • Online management tracker with real-time status updates as candidates progress through both web form and online inductions
  • Online document viewing to verify candidate information
  • Data exports from Portal, formatted for upload to Time Target and Ascender – YES! One data source, no more data entry, no more audits to match data across multiple systems!

94% of those who experienced the system said the online onboarding was easy to navigate, and commented that “it was simple and effective, easy to do”. One new employee stated it was “one of the best onboarding processes I’ve seen.”

The Portal could not have come to life without the design & development talents of Regan Shepherd, Digital Manager. As ICT lead on this project, Regan converted our concept and wish list into reality.  Assisting Regan with development of the onboarding solution were Curtis Nuich and Travis Beesley.

In addition to the work of our ICT team, I want to acknowledge key contributors to the project from the P&C Team – Fletcher Ruthven, Campbell Ruthven and Angus Druce. Their input to functionality requirements and exhaustive testing of the new portal were invaluable. We also asked 100 of our casual team members to “onboard” via the portal. Thanks to the feedback of this team, ICT were able to iron out any bugs before going live with new recruits.

The Onboarding Portal is a significant step towards our goal of integrated people systems. What’s also exciting is the project provided a blueprint for further automation of our employee lifecycle management processes. The project also demonstrates the in-house capability and sheer talent amongst our VenuesLive team to potentially design our own people management