In this month’s edition of In Profile, we sit down with WA’s new Marketing Coordinator Stevi Ireland! Is she left or right-handed? How much does she love camping? Find out all that and more below.

Name: Stevi

Preferred Nickname: Stevi 😝

Tell us about some of you work before joining VenuesLive/What brings you to VLWA?

I have worked within the sport and event industry for 5 years. Throughout university, I was with the Western Force in hospitality and then most recently with the Perth Wildcats for four years.

At the Wildcats, we had numerous finals planning, a couple a Championships and a Covid season, I learnt more than I could have ever imagined. Although it was time for a new challenge and adventure, perfectly timed to move to VLWA!

What’s the weirdest job you’ve ever held previously?

Nothing too weird, all pretty standard jobs.

Thoughts so far?

Great! Everyone has been so welcoming and lovely, although I am struggling to remember names! The culture of the whole VL team is amazing. I am super excited to find my feet a little more.

Craziest thing you have ever done?

I am very much a planner and I like to organise everything so not much for doing big crazy things unless I have a plan first!

Although, within 24hours of finishing uni, I quit my job at the time, booked a one-way flight and flew to Scotland. I am from Scotland and the majority of my family still lives there, I just showed up at my grandparents’ house and knocked on the front door – safe to say they were surprised!

Was a great way to have some time out, enjoy some family time and walks before starting to adult!

Fun fact about yourself?

I am left-handed, although only for writing. For everything else such as playing sports I am right-handed. Throughout school and uni (when writing was more common!) I could write with both hands which was a super ‘handy’ trick for exams! My right hand is not so great anymore!

Tomato sauce – fridge or cupboard?

Cupboard, you can’t have tomato sauce on a hot sausage roll if it is cold!

What’s been your most interesting discovery over the past year?

Cheap/free campsites around WA, even better if they are on the coast. Google is great, although risking it to try new places definitely pays off. Lessons learnt from the last year is to take a weekend getaway when you can!

And if all the plans go out the window, then a backyard camp out can’t hurt either!

Where will be the first place you go when travel restrictions are lifted, and why?

Originally India was at the top of the list, unfortunately this has been knocked down a few notches recently.

The short answer would be anywhere and everywhere. I have a habit of checking second-hand bookstores for different Lonely Planet books, in case there is a country we don’t have already.

Although if I have to pick one place at the moment, summer in Italy sounds pretty good – something about the idea of pasta and wine in the sunshine!