Brett Jackson, Venue Catering Manager, Netstrata Jubilee Stadium

It’s been a testing year at Jubilee Stadium, as it has around the industry, but we continue to persevere with a number of projects still on the go.

The start of the year saw a constant changing of schedule with a number of events moved to Jubilee at short notice. From A-League and W-League to NRL the team was able to adapt to the quick changes.

Through 2021 so far, Jubilee has:

  • Hosted 26 Events;
  • Seen more than 103,000 people through the gates;
  • 15 A-League and W-League events, including a W-League Semi Final and the Grand Final, and an A-League Semi Final;
  • 11 NRL events.

The most recent event on Sunday July 11, Sharks v Warriors, it was discovered that a Georges River Council venue management staff member was a possible close contact Covid trace, and threw the event into chaos.

A potential breach required a number of employees to depart the venue, including much of the VenuesLive team. This left only myself to cook, serve and deliver all satellite catering orders on the day, and successfully.

The MASE Program is off to a hot start with Jita rolling out Jubilee’s first Sales and Marketing Plan to help boost the business that has already catered for four events this year.

A number of upgrades are in the works at Jubilee with an agreed spend as part of the contract already seeing power upgrades to select retail outlets with new catering equipment and Wi-Fi upgrades next on the list.

A new pop-up bar marquee has been operated on the Eastern Hill during 2021 for major events, which has been welcomed as an improvement to overall F&B service at the stadium.

Along with a number of new OCR fridges (54) and improvements to PP theming, décor, signage has occurred and will continue in all PP spaces meaning the list of improvements to the operation goes on.

With the new A-League season on the horizon we’ve already commenced work on our summer menus and hirer packs and even though we’re working from home there’s still plenty to do!