VenuesLive Census

What is your biggest fear?*
Where do you keep your chocolate?*
Are you a dog or cat person?*
Where does tomato sauce live?*
Coffee or Tea?*
How do you hang your toilet paper?*
Favourite News Station?*
If you had to live without one food, what would it be?*
How would you describe your diet?*
How many houses have you lived in?*
Favourite Chocolate?*
Does pineapple belong on pizza ?*
Eye Colour?*
Are you a glass half full or half empty person*
Do you save or spend?*
Dream home location?*
Cola drink of choice?*
Have you ever lied about your age?*
Would you prefer?*
What word would people most likely use to describe you ?*
What is your sport of choice?*
Are you a?*
Alcohol of Choice?*
Do you prefer to read?*