Grounds Log

DateTempMoistureRainMaint. ActivitiesEvent StartEvent FinishCasual Staff

Stadium Australia
- Moved Nitrogen Shuttle
-Grass skip bin picked up
-Wickets flooded
-Sieve clippings
-Level lawn put together
-Workshop set up
-Core Harvester maintenance
-Tines boxed up to be returned
-Product stock updated
-IPad ticket logged
-Continued projects
-Jacobsen tyre pumped up (monitor)

Tom & Fran: 7-3:30


Stadium Australia:
- Double cut surface (Cricket NSW 9:30-12pm) at 15mm from 20mm
- ProCore north and south D's, mote, tunnel exits
-Backlapped mower
-Started clearing North OB area
-LED install started
-VC 60 picked up
-Roller Maintenance
Hand Watered Table


- Scarified FOP
- Rake O Vac field to clean up
- Grass bins bagged
- Food bin washed and back to Ian
- Graeme tunnel cleaned
- hessians folded out in OB
- Change HOC Toro >15mm
- Poa Pick
- Flag sprinkler heads
- Wicket work
- fill pits on synthetic
- procore setup
- water wickets
- granular feed wickets
- granular feed wickets
- check HOC on jacobsen


- Wicket work
- Covers off
- Hessians swapped
- Amazobne shave both D's
- fix QCV Cap SE Corner
- remove and fix crossbar camera pull through

23/07/202110.74 c17.17%2mm

Broom FOP
Hand roll wickets and seal foot marks
Spray FOP with Aminogro maxi N7, MP Reinforce, Sea energy
Blow surrounds
Continued welding CCB
Cleaned chemical drums
Mowed Arena (8 bins)
Emailed Grass bins bins

Name Time Performance
cricket men NSW 10 am - 1 PM Looking good
05/05/202116.61 c23.79%14mm

Procore surrounds
Moved office Stuff for Daniel in Assets
Paper up to level 3
Signage up
Breezeway banners up
Broke into safe
Tables to change room 4

refs 9.30amrefs 10am
Name Time Performance
Wade 7.30 2pm Excellent

NRL washout
Soccer mark out
Mow practice wickets

Soccer wold cup launch 12.pm1.30pm
Name Time Performance
Tom Jones 7.30---4.00 Needs more raining

Sprayed Grass
Dug a hole

Name Time Performance
Graeme Logan 8:00 - 8:30 Not recommended

Cut grass
Sprayed Chemicals

Name Time Performance
Mary Smith 9:00am - 4:00pm Best ever
DateTempMoistureRainMaint. ActivitiesEvent StartEvent FinishCasual Staff