Jillian Bright, People and Culture Business Partner, VenuesLive NSW

We’ve all been living with COVID for most of the year and now, more than ever, it’s so important to prioritise your wellbeing.

For those of us in lockdown in Greater Sydney, it isn’t easy, but take some comfort in knowing we are all in this together.

Here are some beautiful messages from our colleagues:

From the West

We’re sorry it’s been shit.

That’s the message from our colleagues in Perth – which seems like the only place in Australia not in lockdown.

Knowing there is very little anyone in Perth can say or do to help the Venueslive WA team has put together some messages of solidarity here.

And one other thing – Quizzes with your colleagues also help!

So next week we encourage you get down to the nearest bottlo and grab a bevvie of choice so we can engage in a One VenuesLive online quiz, hosted by Bamboozled. A calendar appointment, date and time as well as some instructions to be sent soon!

Dialing in from Newcastle

*Noting masks have been removed for the photo only

Hi all from the team at MJS.

A quick note from us to wish everyone well, we have all our lucky charms in play for a return to some better normal soon!

As you can see we still have some stock to take care of from our near miss with SOO but as with our Sydney venues we have little to no business and certainly no major events on the immediate horizon.

Were really hoping that the measures underway currently will see NSW back on track soon, we have a Rugby International we’re excited about in late September!!

Currently we are free of cases in Newcastle so we are very lucky to be able to get out and about when we are off, so that is a real blessing.

 Stay well everyone and we hope to see you all soon.

 Team MJS

From surviving to thriving:

Here are some tips from The Conversation to look after your mental health during lockdown:

1. Explore purpose and meaning
Dedicate some time to consider what gives meaning to your life, work out what is important for you and what is meaningful about life? Finding someone to talk this through with can make a big difference.

2. Retain your autonomy
I know we are in lockdown restrictions but focus on the things you can control. For example, you have control over how much time you spend watching the news, how tidy you are going to be and what to eat. Take charge and write up weekly plans and schedules.

3. Experience personal growth
This isn’t about learning a new language but it is important to take time for personal growth and learning. This could be learning to cook something new or taking up a new hobby. Simply setting a goal and achieving this allows you to celebrate your successes.

4. Manage your life well
Mix it up and include a variety of things in your activities balancing leisure, work, learning and physical activities. Avoid complacency – walk a different path, go kick a ball around or pick up a book if you usually watch TV.
Make sure to include fun times – think zoom meet-ups, games, arts & crafts!

5. Invest in positive relationships
I know we can’t be visiting people in person but invest in personal relationships through email, socials, phone or video chat. Taking an active interest in the welfare of others is a positive thing. Take the time to connect.

6. Learn about yourself
Get to know yourself better! Think about your strengths and use these to get through lockdown better. Try this survey to see what your strengths are.

Full article here

Team, take one day at a time, enjoy the small things & please remember:

If you need any support, you need a chat, anything – please reach out to me (Jill)

You have access to our Employee Assistance Program. This is a free, confidential, professional counselling provider. Call 1300 307 912 to book an appointment.